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Pre-training Info


Pre-training Info

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Are there laundry facilities?

Each condo has an in-suite washer and dryer.


Are there bears?

Yes, there are bears and cougars.

Are there insects, ticks, etc.?
The west coast of Canada is a rainforest environment. The average temperature in June is 19° C or 66° F. Although the weather will be warm at this time of year it is important to bring a raincoat. Mosquitoes and ticks are usually not a problem here. There are many deer, raccoons and eagles, with the occasional bear or cougar. It is always wise to bring appropriate clothing and shoes if you will be walking in the forest and eco-friendly insect repellent, and bear spray.



The Sunshine Coast is located in southwest British Columbia, Canada Although it is part of BC’s mainland, access to the region is by air or by water due to the mountainous terrain. There are no bridges connecting the Sunshine Coast to Vancouver or Vancouver Island regions.

See the Transportation page for air, bus and car options.

What to Bring

A Packing Checklist

Click here to download a packing list you can use as a starting point for what to bring with you.

Beach Towel or Yoga Mat
You will need to bring a beach towel or yoga mat to the training for floor exercises. Please remember to pack one.
Bring your Passport
If you are coming to the training from outside of Canada you will need a valid passport to enter Canada. The purpose of your trip is personal or holiday (as opposed to business). Be prepared to say how long you are coming for and where you will be staying. It is usually a short interview.
The temperature should be warm and pleasant at this time of year, but it is also possible to get some rain so a raincoat is a must. The nights can be cooler since we are on the oceanfront. Comfortable clothing that can be worn in layers is recommended. Flat-soled shoes such as sports shoes and sandals are suitable. Long-sleeved shirts, long trousers, sturdy covered shoes, and a hat are advised if walking in the forested areas. A sun hat, and sunglasses may also be a good idea. Bring a swimsuit for the pool or spa area or for swimming in the ocean. There is a well-equipped gym for those who would like to use it, so bring your gym clothes.
International Cell Phone Plan

Mobile phones:

American mobile phones will function seamlessly in Canada, however you may incur roaming charges depending on your plan. Some plans distinguish between phoning to Canada, phoning from Canada, and using data (internet). European phones may need an international SIM card. The resort we are at has free wireless, as do many restaurants and coffee shops along the way. Smaller places may have a password, ask when you go in.
We recommend contacting your cell phone provider prior to your trip to ensure that you have the most optimal plan set up if you wish to use your phone and internet in Canada without inadvertently incurring costly extra charges.


Please bring the following yantras:

Crazy Wisdom Deity Crazy Wisdom Deity
The Universe The Universe
The Universal Logos The Universal Logos (optional)
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