Training Schedule
June 12 – 21, 2019

Day 1 Wednesday June 12
Late afternoon
3:00 pm – Registration & Greeting

Training Introduction

Day 2 Thursday June 13 Arica Mentations Training™
Day 3 Friday June 14 Arica Autodiagnosis®
Day 4 Saturday June 15 Levels of Consciousness™
Day 5 Sunday June 16 Four Functions of Reality™
Day 6 Monday June 17 Domains of Consciousness™
Day 7 Tuesday June 18 Domains of Consciousness™
Day 8 Wednesday June 19 Doors of Compensation™
Day 9 Thursday June 20
Review Day
The Arica Nine Ways of Zhikr™ ritual
Day 10 Friday June 21 The Integral Scarab Meditations™
Closing the Training
Lunch and Party
Departure 3:00 pm

Psychocalisthenics training™ (mornings)  •  The Arica Nine Ways of Zhikr Training™ (evenings)
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Photo: Laurie O’Byrne