The Scarab

The Scarab™

The Scarab is composed of Eighteen Integral Spheres of Existence, Knowledge and Immortality. It is the basis upon which the Line of the School is established. The Line of the School is The Arica Way™ or Integral Method of Clarification in Spheres 18 to 10, and the embodiment of the Integral Teachings of the Higher States in Spheres 9 to 1.
The entire practice of The Scarab, which includes the lower Spheres 18 to 10 of the Relative Mind, up through the highest Spheres of 9 to 1, culminates in the State of Pristine Enlightenment.
The Integral Protoanalysis of The Scarab Trainings™ are composed of Spheres 18, 17, 15, 14, 13, and 12. The series of trainings presents these Spheres, highlighted below, and also includes the Doors of Compensation™ training, which is a parallel training to the Domains of Consciousness™ training.


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