Training Fees

We recommend that you apply early,
to provisionally reserve your training place and accommodations.

Your participation is not guaranteed
until you receive confirmation from One Spirit Trainings
that you are enrolled.

Newcomers to the Arica® Work need to complete
the Arica Training Application process, including a telephone interview,
before being accepted into the training.

A $300.00 deposit will reserve your place.
The balance is payable by April 15, 2019.


Some partial scholarships may be available for those who have been dues-paid members of Arica Institute for two fiscal years in a row (this year and the previous year). Once you have been accepted into the training, you may use this Scholarship application form
to apply. Your application needs to be received by April 3, 2019
in order to be considered.
The Fees
The training fee includes tuition and accommodations.
Current Arica Institute membership is required.

Until you have paid, the US currency exchange rate may vary. If the rate
fluctuates more than 5% up or down we may adjust the US $ price.
Canadian $ prices remain constant as stated below.

Tuition Fees

  Member Member Reduced
US Dollars Canadian
US Dollars
IPST™ Tuition 1,275.00 990.00 1,000.00 780.00
P-Cals® Training 75.00 55.00 55.00 40.00
The Arica
Nine Ways of Zhikr
130.00 100.00 95.00 70.00

† Member Reduced fees are available to members of Arica Institute who have been granted Senior/Disabled Status, or who are repeating the IPST.

Venue Fees

Condo Choice Nights Total Can$  US$
King Single 9 2,250.00 1,745.00
King Double 9 1,800.00 1,395.00
Queen Single 9 2,000.00 1,550.00
Queen Double 9 1,600.00 1,240.00
Loft Single 9 1,700.00 1,320.00
Loft Double 9 1,500.00 1,170.00
Front Room Single 9 1,400.00 1,085.00

Room assignments will begin January 15
Occupancy preferences cannot be guaranteed.

Lunch, dinner and snacks are provided from dinner on June 12 through lunch on June 21.

All condos have kitchens for preparing your own breakfast
(breakfast is not provided).

* Please Note: The training finishes at 3:00 pm (including the party) on June 21, 2019 (total duration 9 nights).

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